Candi Corner 2/21/18


Did you guys know 21 is my lucky number?  Well, it is.

Anyhoo, my name is Candi Shell, and I want to take a moment to introduce myself to all of you.  I’m a drag queen, in case you couldn’t tell, and I’ve been living in Honolulu for almost three years.

I do a monthly show at Hula’s called MIMOSAS & MARYS–on the last Sunday of every month, 3pm–where I feature lots of local drag and burlesque talent.  Mimosas has given me the opportunity to write lots of new material and meets scores of wonderful, beautiful, talented and interesting people!  People are my passion, so I really love that aspect of performing.

Speaking of which, as an advocate for up & coming performers, I’m SUPER excited for this coming Monday.  Usually GJ and his magic guitar are at Hula’s facilitating Open Mic, but this Monday (Feb 26), GJ can’t be there–so I offered to step in and host!  We’re calling it MUSIC & LAFFS and I do so hope I’ll see you there!!

TO ALL OF MY SHOWER SINGERS, MY JOKE WRITERS, MY CLOSET PERFORMERS–THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!  Get the lead out, and get over to Hula’s!  Sign ups start at 5:45pm and the show starts at 6, so get there early.  Also, every participant gets a FREE DRINK!  So you’ll have liquid courage to get over any pre-performance jitters.  Plus, I’ll be there to help in any way I can.  Just wanna come on-stage and banter with a wacky drag queen?  I’m IN!!  

Whether you live here or are just visiting, I hope I’ll get to see you soon.  I’ll also be appearing this Sunday for Hayzel Nuttz’ Fundraiser 5-9pm so she can compete for Universal Show Queen…GO HAYZEL!!!